Elaine Rasnake


Elaine Rasnake is a songwriter, musician, producer, and audio engineer currently living in Philadelphia, PA. 

In 2014, Elaine began creating an experimental EP (Vowels at 120) and the album DEALS solely as a means of displaying her production and engineering skills in order to create a digital portfolio for future recording clients. It wasn’t until mid 2016 when she began branching out and started playing her music to audiences around Philadelphia with the help of the local DIY music scene.

2018 brought the release of Rasnake’s latest album Breathe Again which was received with great acclaim and has been performed for audiences across the country with her guitar and a sampler full of self-produced tracks.

In early 2019, Elaine Rasnake’s solo project grew into a full band featuring Katie Miller of Kate Dressed Up and Andrew Sheldon of Moonwatcher and Best Hit TV.

Born and raised in the suburbs of South Philadelphia, Elaine attended Bloomsburg University, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and was the first woman to graduate with a BA from their audio recording program.