Elaine Rasnake is a Philadelphia-based musician and audio engineer with “a great voice and perspective” according to John Vettese of WXPN’s The Key. Creating indie pop music that pushes through musical boundaries, her steps towards the spotlight began with the creation of an experimental EP (Vowels at 120) and a full length album (DEALS) back in 2014. After graduating college with an audio production degree, Rasnake was recording music in her parent’s basement solely as a means of displaying her engineering skills in hopes of building a work portfolio. It wasn’t until mid 2016 when she decided to step out of the comfort of her own home and started sharing her music with audiences around Philadelphia.

The summer of 2018 brought the release of Rasnake’s latest album, Breathe Again. Receiving great acclaim for "merging both acoustic folk and sampled electronic influences...more seamlessly than ever,” Breathe Again was written, recorded, produced, and engineered solely by Rasnake in her own in her bedroom studio over the course of two years.

What was once just a small solo project, has now evolved into a four-piece band that breathes new life into Rasnake’s recordings and is consistently providing energetic and heartfelt performances for audiences everywhere.