Elaine Rasnake

Basic Info
Genre: Indie Pop, Folk-Pop
Label: Unsigned
Years Active: 2016-Present
Origin: Philadelphia, PA
Contact: elainerasnake@gmail.com


Elaine Rasnake is a songwriter, musician, producer, and audio engineer based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Rasnake, who was the first woman to graduate from Bloomsburg University with a BA in Audio/Video Production, strives to be involved with every aspect of her music creation, from the initial writing and recording phase to the final mixing and mastering phase. 

As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician, Elaine pulls from the rich history of acoustic storytellers and combines those elements with modern electronic samples to create a unique space for self-expression and reflection.

The New Album, Breathe Again

Breathe Again Album Art.jpg

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The Postal Service, Waxahatchee


Elaine Rasnake - Breathe Again— Polaris DIY
This isn't only one of the best pieces we've reviewed but probably one of our favorite pieces of the year.

Beyond The Valley: Elaine Rasnake's 'Breathe Again' Out Now — Lehigh Valley Underground
"Much of Elaine Rasnake’s earlier recordings are characterized by the merging of both acoustic folk and sampled electronic influences. Her latest album, Breathe Again, finds the singer-songwriter blending these disparate influences more seamlessly than ever and discovering a sound that is unmistakably personal and expressive."

Premiere: Elaine Rasnake, “Breathe Again” LP — Digital Wheat Paste
“Elaine Rasnake created the excellent Breathe Again completely on her own terms, writing all songs, playing every instrument on the record, and produced, mixed, and mastered it herself.
And damn, it’s gorgeous”

Items Tagged Philadelphia — The Key
“...the electronic vibes of her “Spacesuit” single are very indebted to The Postal Service, The Magnetic Fields, and (for those who remember them) Athens, GA duo I Am The World Trade Center. Rasnake has a great voice and perspective, using lyrics about intergalactic travel to ruminate on interpersonal connection.


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